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Help me color my TV please
I have an LG but can’t for the life of me get the colors right. Something always looks off. Flesh tones especially. Is there any way to do this pretty well without paying a professional?

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re: Help me color my TV please
Look up your model and calibration settings online.

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re: Help me color my TV please
I downloaded a zip file on avsforums that had a series of video files that you could play and adjust every setting. Took about an hour but the results were very nice.

There's probably something on YouTube these days that's similar.

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re: Help me color my TV please
I was an ISF certified calibration expert and trainer for ISF classes. Anything you do without either a trained eye or calibration camera and software will never be right. Spend the money and pay someone to calibrate your TV. A properly calibrated set will give you many years of pleasure. I have an LG OLED and a Panasonic plasma that is over 10 years old, yet I calibrated it once after it had 100 hours on it, and have never had to calibrate it again. Skin tones and color balance have never had to be tweaked, not even once.

It's worth it to have it done. Trust me on this. You will marvel years from now at how your set looks and you never have to adjust it.

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