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Updated Cord Cutting Thread | Compilation of Set-ups posted in post after OP

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by VermilionTiger
VermilionTiger 137712/30 3:39 pm

What equipment does DirecTV want back when you cancel?

by Slim Chance
Slim Chance 101/17 10:44 pm

Phone case recommendations

by BuddyRoeaux
BuddyRoeaux 121/17 10:04 pm

CADs new obsession - buying & modding 1up cabinets to support full MAME library

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by CAD703X
CAD703X 2471/17 5:42 pm

Help me refine my home media and file server

by AGreySlate
AGreySlate 71/17 4:44 pm

Question - if cutting the movie channels from Cox...

by Gorilla Ball
Gorilla Ball 21/17 3:26 pm
Gorilla Ball

ABC affiliate in New Orleans is on Youtubetv

by bknight00
bknight00 71/17 2:34 pm
Trout Bandit

Where can I find Hisense H9F 65" TV? UPDATE: RETURNING TO STOCK

by Flanders
Flanders 31/17 12:18 pm

Fox streaming Super Bowl in 4K HDR

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by UltimateHog
UltimateHog 221/17 11:21 am

Pi network cryptocurrency

by DLauw
DLauw 71/17 10:43 am

Hp Pagewide MFP 377dw Print system pump faulire

by djangochained
djangochained 01/17 9:57 am

Lifetime/Hallmark/SEC/ESPN Streaming

by BadatBourre
BadatBourre151/17 8:21 am

Gaming Laptop Recommendation: Help

by LSU Coyote
LSU Coyote 141/17 1:33 am
LSU Coyote

Both audio jacks on my CPU have same driver

by Hu_Flung_Pu
Hu_Flung_Pu 01/16 5:38 pm

Anybody here have YouTube TV?

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by Street Hawk
Street Hawk 441/16 3:46 pm

new ssd hard drive in laptop

by windmill
windmill 141/16 11:36 am

Difference between indoor antenna/outdoor?

by SeeeeK
SeeeeK 91/16 9:36 am

OTA DVR networked with 60fps

by notsince98
notsince98 31/15 8:12 pm
ashy larry

Anybody catch the National Championship in 4K? If so, how did it look?

by NPComb
NPComb 91/15 5:59 pm
LSU Coyote

Need Frigidaire remote, or universal remote

by Rando
Rando 11/15 5:39 pm

These cable and internet companies make things so damn complicated

by castorinho
castorinho 151/15 5:30 pm

Windows 10 Has a Security Flaw So Severe the NSA Disclosed It

by Presidio
Presidio41/15 4:09 pm

How often should one update their router?

by HailToTheChiz
HailToTheChiz 51/15 2:33 pm

Am I missing something or is this a good deal on a desktop?

by SlowFlowPro
SlowFlowPro 161/15 2:26 pm

HDMI Switch Recommendation

by slacker130
slacker130 31/15 9:54 am
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