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Black Shooter opens Fire on Graduation Party and was killed by woman packing.

by CU_Tigers4life comments2
CU_Tigers4life 25/28 6:35 pm
jake wade

I miss David Letterman.

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by chili pup comments40
chili pup 405/28 6:34 pm

1.5 to 2 Billion for Gates to close his Tesla positions???

by GhostOfFreedom comments12
GhostOfFreedom 125/28 6:33 pm

WATCH: San Diego man wears a custom suit that holds all the trash he generated in a month!

by JetDawg comments8
JetDawg 85/28 6:33 pm

Live link to Trump Wyoming Rally to remove Liz

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by Jjdoc comments27
Jjdoc 275/28 6:33 pm

Breaking, AZ mule pleads guilty to Ballot Harveting

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by Jjdoc comments112
Jjdoc 1125/28 6:33 pm
redneck hippie

Everyone of these people gets to vote... Think about it...

by WWII Collector comments4
WWII Collector 45/28 6:27 pm

Here's the PoS that gave the stand down order

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by BoarEd comments173
BoarEd 1735/28 6:27 pm

Greenwald Drops Cluster Bombs Of Truth Regarding The War In Ukraine

by LuckyTiger comments2
LuckyTiger 25/28 6:26 pm
Perfect Circle

Biden rescinded WHO treaty amendments

by Herooftheday comments7
Herooftheday75/28 6:20 pm

Meanwhile in Missouri, there is a serial killer, and where are AOC? Biden? Dr.Jill?

by SeeeeK comments4
SeeeeK 45/28 6:16 pm

Dad who lost his daughter from Florida school shooting was just on Cavuto

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by ApexTiger comments24
ApexTiger 245/28 6:11 pm

Neocon Lord & Principled Constitutional Conservative Bill Kristol Wants Your Guns. Now.

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by LuckyTiger comments34
LuckyTiger 345/28 5:57 pm

Uvalde narrative question

by Beessnax comments7
Beessnax 75/28 5:55 pm

Bring Us Your Memes Thread

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by Bobby OG Johnson comments23833
Bobby OG Johnson 238335/28 5:54 pm

Ex-SBC president allegedly sexually assaulted pastor’s wife, asked for sex 3 times a day

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by Frank Black comments64
Frank Black 645/28 5:52 pm
George Dickel

The Deadliest School Shootings in US History

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by captdalton comments28
captdalton285/28 5:48 pm

Need help with the "taking a knee" thing...

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by Eye_Heart_Number_33 comments36
Eye_Heart_Number_33 365/28 5:41 pm

Two vehicles…

by Oklahomey comments15
Oklahomey 155/28 5:40 pm

No Taxation without Representation

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by TulaneFan comments27
TulaneFan 275/28 5:35 pm

Today is a day of remembrance.

by Bunk Moreland comments0
Bunk Moreland 05/28 5:29 pm
Bunk Moreland

VT football player acquitted for beating tranny to death

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by BigMob comments45
BigMob 455/28 5:25 pm

Age limits.... When are kids adults...etc. Can't buy Beer, but can fight a war

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by Jjdoc comments48
Jjdoc 485/28 5:16 pm

Chicago. O/U on shootings and deaths Memorial Day weekend.

by Deplorableinohio comments9
Deplorableinohio95/28 5:12 pm

What do you think the split of the House will be after midterms?

by Clemsontigers02 comments19
Clemsontigers02 195/28 4:51 pm

Proposed U.S. amendments to World Health Organization treaty will erode U.S. sovereignty

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by JetDawg comments21
JetDawg 215/28 4:38 pm

US monkeypox cases climb, another reported in Colorado

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by Homesick Tiger comments21
Homesick Tiger 215/28 4:35 pm
Texas Weazel

More than 10,000 COVID-19-related reports have been deleted from VAERS System

by Night Vision comments5
Night Vision 55/28 4:33 pm

Black guy went to most racist town in America and doesn’t experience racism

by Byrdybyrd05 comments19
Byrdybyrd05195/28 4:29 pm

Menstrual Irregularities, Uterus Shedding Cases Spike After Vax Rollout

by Night Vision comments9
Night Vision 95/28 4:26 pm
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