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BSNBC's Joy Reid say the culture wars are over and the left won.

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by L1C4 comments33
L1C4 332/7 12:43 pm

Fences around Capitol. You don't do this if you won legitimately.

by GhostOfFreedom comments6
GhostOfFreedom 62/7 12:43 pm

DeSantis Formally Seizes Control Of Disney's Reedy Creek Improvement District

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by 14&Counting comments67
14&Counting 672/7 12:43 pm

Black lady purposely bumps into white people on the street.

by j1897 comments2
j1897 22/7 12:43 pm
Y.A. Tittle

Candace Owens thinks Purina may be poisoning hens to increase their profit margins

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by Padme comments35
Padme 352/7 12:43 pm

DeSantis Praises Lawyer Suing Trump's Biggest Allies

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by Jjdoc comments31
Jjdoc 312/7 12:42 pm

It’s ok Covidians - being wrong is part of science

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by Wednesday comments61
Wednesday 612/7 12:41 pm

We're being to told the military didn't shoot down the CCP balloon over safety concerns.

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by Bass Tiger comments48
Bass Tiger 482/7 12:40 pm

McCarthy, Scalise Refuse to Meet with U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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by Jjdoc comments31
Jjdoc 312/7 12:38 pm

73 year old rancher shoots and kills illegal immigrant on his ranch.

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by Timeoday comments79
Timeoday 792/7 12:34 pm

It's been one month of GOP control of the house. What have they done?

by Giantkiller comments14
Giantkiller 142/7 12:31 pm
Homesick Tiger

MTG says congresspeople aren't paid enough

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by Eurocat comments87
Eurocat872/7 12:31 pm
Big Scrub TX

Trans Activist Caught in 2 Separate Pedophile Stings -"I have uncontrollable sexual urges"

by the_truman_shitshow comments13
the_truman_shitshow132/7 12:30 pm

39 percent of Americans adults believe the state of the union is strong.

by GumboPot comments5
GumboPot 52/7 12:29 pm

SOTU Skutniks

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by AggieHank86 comments27
AggieHank86 272/7 12:28 pm

Bring Us Your Memes Thread

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by Bobby OG Johnson comments36525
Bobby OG Johnson 365252/7 12:28 pm

When they implemented the DUI law

by KWilson1987 comments16
KWilson1987 162/7 12:26 pm

What are the top ways to fight the Great Reset?

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by burger bearcat comments33
burger bearcat 332/7 12:25 pm

The Pentagon being political should make us all very very nervous at night

by Catchfalaya comments12
Catchfalaya 122/7 12:16 pm

Imagine the outrage if this was reversed

by Crimson Wraith comments10
Crimson Wraith 102/7 12:16 pm

TONIGHT: How wonderful your next 6 years are going to be, and other assorted lies.

by OmniPundit comments19
OmniPundit 192/7 12:13 pm

The 2024 Democratic ticket will be Biden-Obama.

by CalDawg comments19
CalDawg 192/7 12:06 pm

Gun Deaths vs Drug Overdoses.

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by SingleMalt1973 comments20
SingleMalt1973202/7 12:04 pm

Todays Public Service Announcement

by WestTexasTiger comments3
WestTexasTiger 32/7 12:04 pm

Will Kevin McCarthy tear up the State of the Union Transcript?

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by Lutcher Lad comments37
Lutcher Lad 372/7 12:01 pm

Disney's most putrid, racialized, delusional piece of entertainment yet

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by invidiousEndures comments41
invidiousEndures 412/7 12:01 pm

NZ: Fire at Waikato Egg farm kills 75,000 hens

by the_truman_shitshow comments9
the_truman_shitshow92/7 12:01 pm

Is Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson preparing to run for Senate in California?

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by Bayou Brat comments24
Bayou Brat 242/7 12:00 pm

Hey, the military didn't shoot down the CCP balloon because the US military was ....

by Bass Tiger comments5
Bass Tiger 52/7 11:50 am
Chief One Word

Satanic ‘Unholy’ Grammy Performance Presented by… Pfizer? CBS Tweets "Let's Worship!"

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by Jjdoc comments20
Jjdoc 202/7 11:44 am
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