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Tampa Bay30
New Orleans20
- FOX - NFC Divisional | Good Season Saints - and if this is the end, THANK YOU DREW!!!

rt3 24471/20 5:48 am

Looks like everybody is jumping ship

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by Rohan Gravy
Rohan Gravy 1011/20 11:26 am
Rand AlThor

If Brees says 1 more year (which he will)

by Patfic15
Patfic15 191/20 11:22 am

Looks like Brady will get all the records.

by MountainDewGF
MountainDewGF181/20 11:17 am

Damn shame couldn't trade Brees to Houston (Watson)

by WhiskeyPlease
WhiskeyPlease81/20 11:15 am

Lions gave Dan Campbell a 6 year deal

by Whodatforlife21
Whodatforlife21 51/20 11:10 am
Rohan Gravy

Brittany Brees says Drew played with multiple injuries this year

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by fladohado
fladohado 511/20 10:54 am

Did we get anything for losing Teddy B?

by Tigeralltheway
Tigeralltheway 121/20 10:50 am

In all honesty if cook don't fumble

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by burke985
burke985 521/20 10:42 am

Bovada odds for QB to start Week 1, 2021 for the Saints

by Randpaul29
Randpaul29 91/20 10:41 am

i blame payton

by midcitycid
midcitycid 111/20 10:34 am

Will never root for saints until Sean retires

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by FightingTigers1
FightingTigers1 451/20 10:29 am

Pass to Kamara down the Seam?

by Guido Merkens
Guido Merkens 191/20 10:22 am

So who here believes: A) Winston is the 2021 starter B) He’s able to become quality NFL QB

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by okietiger
okietiger 351/20 10:17 am

Honey Badger gets leveled.

by hellsu
hellsu 61/20 10:15 am

Brady's Arm > Brees Arm

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by boudinman
boudinman281/20 9:41 am

Story online says Panthers in mix for Watson

by tigerterrace
tigerterrace 101/20 9:00 am

Is this MT13 being another emo athlete or is something going down?

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by sicboy
sicboy 211/20 8:41 am

Can Chicago beat Green Bay?

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by Pels318
Pels318311/20 8:35 am

Saints need to get Deshaun Watson. Trade Michael Thomas and a first round pick for him.

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by AdonisShort123
AdonisShort123 251/20 8:01 am

Someone who understands the salary cap please respond

by LsuSaints57
LsuSaints5771/20 7:57 am
Weekend Warrior79

Think we're trying to roll with Jameis next year

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by WaterLink
WaterLink 211/20 12:09 am

Trade Sean Payton

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by littlefart
littlefart471/19 9:52 pm
Vacherie Saint

LSU fans Sunday were laughing at Saints ———Saints fans today laughing at LSU fans

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by VA LSU fan
VA LSU fan 421/19 9:19 pm
St Augustine

How good can Deonte Harris be?

by VA LSU fan
VA LSU fan 91/19 9:08 pm
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