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What are you reading?

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by Dubosed comments2443
Dubosed 24436/24 8:48 pm

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Recommendation & Discussion Thread

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by Sneaky__Sally comments957
Sneaky__Sally 9576/24 9:16 am

Help for an aspiring writer...

by Eye_Heart_Number_33 comments9
Eye_Heart_Number_33 96/23 6:57 pm

Cormac McCarthy books

by Jiggy Moondust comments19
Jiggy Moondust 196/23 2:30 pm

Which Sherlock Holmes books are recommended?

by prplhze2000 comments5
prplhze2000 56/23 2:25 pm
Master of Sinanju

Recommendation: 'Visible Hand: a Wealth of Notions on the Miracle of the Market'

by conservativewifeymom comments0
conservativewifeymom06/23 1:27 pm

Civil War fiction

by TurdAndChavis comments12
TurdAndChavis 126/22 1:48 pm
10 Blade

Books about the history and beauty of Chess

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by When in Rome comments25
When in Rome 256/22 7:09 am
When in Rome

Can’t find anything to read

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by GeneralLeeAwesome comments23
GeneralLeeAwesome 236/22 12:50 am

20th century biographies and non-fiction

by Tornado Alley comments3
Tornado Alley 36/20 8:07 pm

Free books I took tonight from several "Free Little Libraries" on my walk in SW Portland

by SirWinston comments5
SirWinston 56/19 1:54 pm

Scariest or Most Disturbing Book You've Ever Read?

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by slough comments38
slough386/19 10:32 am
Harry Rex Vonner

Can anyone suggest an authoritative or gripping history of the Roman Empire?

by DmitriKaramazov comments10
DmitriKaramazov 106/18 12:32 am

Weird scene from the book "It" Stephen King. *spoilers*

by Ham Solo comments16
Ham Solo 166/18 12:25 am

The Expanse

by ItalianTiger comments3
ItalianTiger 36/14 3:27 pm

The Other (1971) - Thomas Tyron

by MaroonWhite comments8
MaroonWhite 86/14 7:43 am

American Revolution Books

by RoosterCogburn585 comments14
RoosterCogburn585 146/13 6:13 pm
Ping Pong

2022 Reading Challenge

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by When in Rome comments64
When in Rome 646/13 2:30 pm

Dereliction of duty

by Bicmitchum3307 comments2
Bicmitchum3307 26/13 2:09 pm

Best book on business?

by CaliTigerHB comments2
CaliTigerHB 26/13 10:21 am
Charter Embers

Annual (Probably) Who's Your Favorite Author Thread. And Why?

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by iwyLSUiwy comments26
iwyLSUiwy 266/12 6:30 pm

Killing the killers

by JimNat comments1
JimNat16/11 1:22 pm

Books/publishing deals. Where is the money made?

by Nature Boy comments0
Nature Boy 06/11 10:55 am
Nature Boy

Evaluating Baton Rouge High’s summer reading list for my son

by Dominus5150 comments11
Dominus5150 116/10 3:41 pm
Mo Jeaux

Longer Fiction

by bamaphan13 comments4
bamaphan13 46/10 3:11 pm
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