ESPN’s Booger McFarland Responds To Dabo Swinney's Florida State Comments
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On Sunday, Dabo Swinney called out Florida State for using COVID 19 as an excuse for canceling Saturday's game against Clemson. Later, ESPN’s Booger McFarland called out Dabo for being an idiot...

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Not a good look for a head coach of a major program spouting off like he has. Not sure I'd like him to come to Bama.
Reply2 months
Now if only Coach O will pull the same shenanigans with Florida, he might get out of this year with a non-losing season.
Reply2 months
Booooooger is a fool...FSU still chicken sh*t for not playing...
Reply2 months
I think Dabo is actually right in this situation and FSU did use it as an excuse, but he definitely should have kept his mouth shut. Any article that's negative against the Taters gets a thumbs up from me though.
Reply2 months
There are rules in place. Florida State did not doctor up phony test results and simply lie to everyone about it. Jesus. Bunch of idiots
2 months
I just had sex.
Reply2 months
Another notch in Booger's belt.
2 months
Let’s see if Dabo invites that infected player to his own home for Thanksgiving dinner.
Reply2 months
Anyone who sides with FSU on this ate lead paint chips as a child.
Reply2 months
Booger is wrong, he's the idiot actually. Supposedly the taters followed the protocals and fsu still did not want to play the game Saturday, Sunday or of fsu's ex players Antonio Cromartie called out his former team on twitter for being chicken.
Reply2 months
Downvote for misspelling protocol.
2 months
Doesn't Dabo speak for Jesus? Member when he used to say Jesus wanted the Taters to win? I member.
Reply2 months
Booger's entitled to be wrong.
Reply2 months
He’s not this time. Dabo, the holier than thou one, should have kept his mouth shut
2 months
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