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LSU (3-1) remains unranked in the Coaches Poll and AP Top 25 after Saturday's 28-25 win at Mississippi State. The Tigers will face No. 22 Auburn this upcoming Saturday.

Coaches Poll:
1. Alabama (64) 4-0
2. Georgia (1) 4-0
3. Oregon 4-0
4. Oklahoma 4-0
5. Iowa 4-0
6. Penn State 4-0
7. Notre Dame 4-0
8. Cincinnati 3-0
9. Florida 3-1
10. Ohio State 3-1
11. Arkansas 4-0
12. Ole Miss 3-0
13. Texas A&M 3-1
14. Michigan 4-0
15. BYU 4-0
16. Michigan State 4-0
16. Coastal Carolina 4-0
18. Oklahoma State 4-0
19. Clemson 2-2
20. UCLA 3-1
21. Fresno State 3-1
22 Auburn 3-1
23. Kentucky 4-0
24. Baylor 4-0
25. Wake Forest 4-0

Others receiving votes: Texas 101, Boston College 91, NC State 70, San Diego State 69, Maryland 59, Wisconsin 56, SMU 54, Virginia Tech 39, LSU 36, Iowa State 31, Army 23, Arizona State 12, UTSA 11, Liberty 11, North Carolina 10, UCF 9, Oregon State 7, Appalachian State 3, Louisiana 3, Louisville 2, Indiana 2, Wyoming 1

Dropped from rankings: Iowa State 14, Wisconsin 15, North Carolina 20

AP Top 25:
1. Alabama (58) 4-0
2. Georgia (4) 4-0
3. Oregon 4-0
4. Penn State 4-0
5. Iowa 4-0
6. Oklahoma 4-0
7. Cincinnati 3-0
8. Arkansas 4-0
9. Notre Dame 4-0
10. Florida 3-1
11. Ohio State 3-1
12. Ole Miss 4-0
13. BYU 4-0
14. Michigan 4-0
15. Texas A&M 3-1
16. Coastal Carolina 4-0
17. Michigan State 4-0
18. Fresno State 3-1
19. Oklahoma State 4-0
20. UCLA 3-1
21. Baylor 4-0
22. Auburn 3-1
23. NC State 4-0
24. Wake Forest 4-0
25. Clemson 2-2

Others receiving votes: Texas 131, Maryland 91, San Diego State 57, Boston College 55, SMU 44, Kentucky 26, Iowa State 25, LSU 24, Arizona State 23, Virginia Tech 20, Wisconsin 13, Rutgers 6, Kansas State 5, UTSA 4, Oregon State 4, Louisville 3, North Carolina 1

Dropped from rankings: Iowa State 14, Wisconsin 18, North Carolina 21, Kansas State 25
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Hopefully a Leader will finally step the Fuk up & use this completely useless poll to SHAME our guys into bustin they arse bc they didn't come to LSU to be Soft, Lazy, Unranked & fightin for 5th place in the SEC-W. Oh yea maybe above .500 just depending on where the 'SHOE' lands!!
Reply30 days
Fans of the Biden administration get the boost to their rankings. It’s just that simple.
Reply30 days
A&M is the most overrated team in the SEC! They have not won anything since joining the SEC! Their Fans are acting they are the world beaters! Listening to some of radio shows while driving, the A&M callers are out of minds! Even the hosts are trying to avoid them! They are ranked because of the Jumbo premium!
Reply30 days
Tigers can beat Aggie, Kentucky, Auburn and maybe UF
Reply1 month
We will beat ole piss too,
30 days
Yeah man, they can do that. The o line is what it is. Crete and run plays that minimize the weakness. We have a good d.
30 days
The flip of NC Statre and Clemson bt the AP and Coaches poll says a lot.
Reply1 month
1 month
You know what matters? Getting to ATL. If you can get to the SEC title game, you have a shot at winning the SEC title. If you win the SEC title, then you go to the playoffs. Win your playoff games, you win a natty. Notice…none of that has anything to do with what the AP writers think. None of it.
Reply1 month
I'd love to believe all of this, but in this conference, you win conference and you get to play that stupid red team again in the playoff since they'll make it because of the "beauty contest", even though they would not have even played in a conference champ game.
30 days
These rankings are pointless. Does anyone play for the AP trophy anymore?
Reply1 month
Clemson being ranked is bullshite
Reply1 month
OU. They win 1 game in the SEC west this year.
Reply1 month
Sooners have done jack shite to be ranked this season
1 month
Arky not in top 10? Seriously?
Reply1 month
Until all of the teams get into the heat of conference play, these polls really are pretty good for nothing but banter back and forth.
Reply1 month
they are good for nothing for the entire year. The only thing that matters is that last week in January.
1 month
Auburn moves up after looking like garbage and yet we move down. Also Clemson ranked? Rankings are complete garbage.
Reply1 month
A&M should have dropped to 20, at least
Reply1 month
Exactly. We lost on the road to a team that is currently ranked and we even disappear in the receiving votes. Hell, we still aren’t very close to cracking the top 25 after 3 wins in a row. I understand we don’t look dominant, but apparently that doesn’t matter considering Auburns performance this past weekend and they somehow move up. Also, Clemson has looked like shite all year, lost twice and they’re still ranked.
1 month
We getting close
Reply1 month
Yet, I'm pretty confident we would beat half the teams on those lists...
1 month
OU is the most overrated college football program in history.
Reply1 month
Texas A&M too.
1 month
That title would go to Texas and then Texas A&M. Oklahoma has actually won many many titles.
1 month
In past 20 years OU easily takes the cake in being overrated. 0-7 in last 7 CFP and BCS nati’s with 3 losses 25+ points. They play no one then get waxed by good teams.
1 month
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